Thursday, 30 March 2017

Robert Rakete

Today Robert Rakete came to the school and he talked about his favourite book. He likes to read Astrix. The book Astrix is about a man who has a moustache and when he drinks a potion he gets super strength.  He can beat up the baddies which are Romans. Robert told us that he is one of the Wiggles. He said that he is the Brown Wiggle. He is also on MAI FM but then moved to BREEZE. 

Robert Rakete is very inspiring and he has inspired me to be a performer and become an actress. 

Friday, 10 March 2017


Today at Technicraft I was in Mr Grundy's class which is wood work.  The whole yr 7s were learning how to make toys (eg Tractor). We had to first learn how to use the tools that we needed to use to make the toy or something else. My idea was a tractor. 

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

The 3rd Syndicate Assembly

Yesterday on the 6th of March was a syndicate assembly hosted by Room 10. The class organised a game called pictionary. Two people from each class had to go up and play the pictionary game. One person had to draw and one person had to try and guess the picture that was drawn on the whiteboard.

Room 9 - Alamoni and Shaniqua
Room 10 - Konzay and Leeanah
Room 11 - Min Zin and Meafou
Room 12 - Saluselo and Mika

There was a very hard picture that no one knew what it was but Meafou called out the right answer which was best friend. Room 11 won. Hard luck  to the other rooms who tried their best.

Where's Mrs Golder?

On Monday Mrs Golder didn't come to school because she was sick, so she had to stay home and rest. A reliever teacher named Miss Morris filled in for her. 
The next day Mrs Golder came back to school but she was still a bit sick. Saluselo went and told Mrs Vickers that Mrs Golder was coughing. 
Mrs Golder was showing Room 12 her recovery and how she would be better by Thursday. She was a little bit better by Thursday.