Monday, 18 December 2017

My Journey Across New Zealand

Dear friend, 

It has been really great voyaging across New Zealand in a waka.  The waka is very different to a electric boat. These people on the waka here with me welcomed m with open arms. It is really great to be travelling round New Zealand. 

The sad thing is that your not here with me. 

See you soon.

From: Katrina, your friend


  1. Hi Katrina,

    My name's Ruby and I will be one of the people blogging with you this summer. I'm very excited to see what you have to say on your blog.

    This is a great letter. I really like how you have used spacing to make it look like a real letter, well done. I also liked how you have mentioned that you're said about not having your friend with you. I'm sure that would make them feel special.

    I wonder if your friend might be curious about what New Zealand looks like. You might want to tell her about what sorts of things you are seeing.

    Have you ever been sailing on a boat before? I have but I always get very sea-sick so I don't think that I could voyage all the way to New Zealand in a boat!

    I look forward to reading more of your blog.

  2. Hi Katrina

    My name is Sarah and I go to Glen Innes School. Well done on completing this activity. Did you find this task difficult?

  3. Hi Katrina!

    My name is Ellee, I am another part of the Summer Learning Journey Crew that is commenting on your blogs this summer.
    Looks like you made a great start to your activities this summer, awesome work!

    This is a great letter you have written to your friend, very clear letter formatting - Great job!

    Sounds like you might have bee off to a pretty exciting adventure around New Zealand? I am curious who the people were that welcomed you into their waka and where you might have been going?
    I think it would be a pretty cool experience to waka around the whole of new Zealand and see the sites....kind of like a waka cruise!! I don't know if I'd like being in rough waters though, I think that would be pretty scary to experience in a waka!

    Hopefully you have been enjoying your summer holiday break and maybe we might see you back blogging soon!

    Ellee :)