Tuesday, 20 June 2017

★ Learning About Matariki ★

On the 13th of June every Maori in the senior block went to Te Oro to learn lots of things about Matariki. We all learnt how to find Matariki in the sky and we also learnt that the Southern Cross never rises and it never sets.

People think of the group of stars as a mother and her daughters. The mothers' name is Matariki
 and the daughters' names are Tupu-a-nuku, 

Tupu-a-rangi, Waiti, Waita, Waipungarangi and Ururangi. 

 Instructions on how to find Matariki for yourself. 

All you need to do is firstly wake up before 6 o'clock and then at 6 o'clock go outside and look for the Southern Cross and if you've find it try and find Matariki but remember to use the Southern Cross to help.

Maybe you can try and see the star cluster in the sky.

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Victory At Last ⚽⚽

Yesterday was the soccer interschool competition and it was located at the Point England Reserve. The whole soccer team left at approximately
9:20 am. We went up against a lot of  schools. The first school the year 7/8s played against was Glen Taylor school but I was a afraid because it was the first game for the day. Just after the game ended the year 5/6s had their game against a school named Saint Patricks. Both teams won their first game.

The year 7/8s won all their games but sadly they lost one. The last school we went up against was Stonefields and unfortunately most of their team were injured. Both schools tied so we came equal first. Victory was ours at last.  ๐Ÿ…๐Ÿ…

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Term 2 Assembly By Room 12

Yesterday Room 12 hosted the first term 2 syndicate assembly. We had an epic lip sync battle.  There were two contestants from each room who had to challenge each other to win. 

Room 9- Diego and Jacob Jacob and Diego Lip Sync Battle 

Room 10- Dominic and Peni Dominic and Peni's Lip Sync Battle
Room 11- Meafou and Vika Meafou and Vika Lip Sync Battle
Room 12-Mika and Lupe Mika and Lupe Lip Sync Battle

Each class had a wonderful performance but sadly Room 12 couldn't win because we were the host so Room 10 won because they were really good. (Especially Dominic)

Monday, 1 May 2017

Term 2 begins

Today on the 1st of May I woke up thrilled and delighted to see my teacher Mrs Golder and learn new things with Room 11 and Mr Reid. Today it was nice to see everyone happy and smiling. When I went into class I was so happy to see all my friends.

Today was the first whole school assembly and it was exciting because some people from classes get caught being good book and they take it home and read it. 

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

๐Ÿ”งLast Day Of Tech ๐Ÿ”ง

Today on the 5th of April was the last day of Technicraft because next week there is a display at Te Oro and most of the people are going. 

Today in Mr Grundy's class I was making my toy. My toy is a tractor. I am almost done with my tractor. I only started a few weeks ago and I am very proud of myself. 

After the lesson we all have to sit on the benches and only four of the year seven's swept the floor, because there were only four brooms. 

The photo above is showing us sitting on the bench and people sweeping the floor.

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Robert Rakete

Today Robert Rakete came to the school and he talked about his favourite book. He likes to read Astrix. The book Astrix is about a man who has a moustache and when he drinks a potion he gets super strength.  He can beat up the baddies which are Romans. Robert told us that he is one of the Wiggles. He said that he is the Brown Wiggle. He is also on MAI FM but then moved to BREEZE. 

Robert Rakete is very inspiring and he has inspired me to be a performer and become a actress. 

Friday, 10 March 2017


Today at Technicraft I was in Mr Grundy's class which is wood work.  The whole yr 7s were learning how to make toys (eg Tractor). We had to first learn how to use the tools that we needed to use to make the toy or something else. My idea was a tractor.