Friday, 25 November 2016

Earthquake Rocks NZ

Earthquake rocks New Zealand

A deadly 7.5 magnitude earthquake has struck north of Christchurch, near Hanmer Springs. The quake was 16km deep and struck at 12.02am. It was then followed by more than a dozen aftershocks across the country including two 6.2 magnitude quakes near Kaikoura. A tsunami warning has been issued to a number of areas around New Zealand. This includes all of the East Coast of New Zealand, both in the North Island and the South.  A 2m tsunami has hit Kaikoura. Mass evacuations are taking place from a number of coastal settlements on the East Coast of New Zealand. At this stage their are causalities, but the exact number is unknown, and numerous people have been injured.

Run Jump Throw

Run, Jump, Throw

How to throw a shot putt


  1. Pick up the ball with your fingers so it like you have dirty fingers but a clean palm

2. Now put the shot putt by your neck so it’s like you have a dirty neck

3. It’s like your checking the time. So take your other arm {that doesn’t have the shot putt in it} swing it around and check the time

4. After you have done all of the other things just let it fly

That the end of how to throw a shot putt

Thursday, 24 November 2016



Yesterday it was Ruapotaka School’s Athletics day and the Room 1 boys (5 year old) versed each other. My cousin Piripi came 1st  and my brother Matthew came 2nd  for the 75 metre sprint.

In my class races Mary came 1st, Julianne came 2nd and I came 3rd in both the 100 metre sprint and the 75 metre sprint.

My Mum, My Nan, my aunties, my cousins and my uncle came to watch me run in athletics yesterday. My whole family was proud that me, my brother James, my cousin Piripi and my brother Matthew came 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

Athletics was a really cool day yesterday.