Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Animals Animals Animals!


Last Friday I went to Auckland Zoo and we saw a lot of animals. When I went with my whole class, we were split into 3 groups and we went off to see some animals.  The people that were in my group with Mrs Buchanan were Prudence, Alex, Bella and Leilani.

The first animal we saw was a lion and we learnt so much about them. Later on we went to see the meerkats and we went through the meerkat tunnels to see a meerkat up close. During that Alex and I started yelling WHERE IS THE EXIT? PRUDENCE HURRY UP BECAUSE WE WANT TO GET OUT!!! We yelled that because we were really scared. After we got out we told Mrs Buchanan what happened and then we went and saw a different animal.

We saw all the animals except for a kiwi and a tuatara.

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