Friday, 21 October 2016

Narrative: Imaginary Creature

Narrative: Imaginary Creature

A very long time ago there lived a Griffin on top of a mountain. He was half lion and half eagle. He was very hairy, green eyes, very giant wings and he also had claws on the end of his legs.
He was very happy until one he came to a day when he felt sad because he didn’t have any friends.

He went down to a village and when he went to the village the people of the village got scared because he didn’t look like a human being so they got out all of their weapons and tried to  throw their knives at him.

He went back up the mountain. He went back again and the griffin said “ Hey please don’t do that I just want to make some friends,” So the King, Queen and the Princess came and said “ Hey Griffin can you please protect us because there has been a thief stealing all of our gold and that’s why the village has been trying to attack you and if you protect us you  can have some friends to play with including the princess

They all lived happily ever after   

The End

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