Monday, 30 April 2018

The Baby-Sitters Club #10 Logan Likes Mary Anne

 I was chosen to receive a Duffy book because I had read in the holidays. 

 I had remembered an old saying and it was "Never judge a book by its cover." 

After thinking about that I read the blurb on the back of the book and it said, "It used to be that Mary Anne (character) had to wear her hair in braids and ask her dad before she did anything, but not anymore. Mary Anne has been growing up ... and the Baby-sitters Club members aren't the only ones who've noticed.

Logan Bruno (character) like Mary Anne! He has a dreamy southern accent, he's awfully cute --- and he wants  to join the Baby-sitters Club.

The Baby-sitters aren't sure Logan will make a good club club member and Mary Anne thinks she's  too shy for Logan. Life in the Baby-sitters Club has never been this 

complicated------ or this fun!"

 It sounded very interesting so I chose it.

Please remember this old saying when you choose a book.

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