Thursday, 5 July 2018

Weaving A Matariki Whetū (STAR) ✯⭐✯

Yesterday on Wednesday the 4th of July 7 students from Room 12 (and many more from other classes) went to Te Oro in Glenn Innes for a Matariki activity.

There was 3 different workshops:

1. Kowhaiwhai

2. Kotuhituhi

3.  Weaving

The students in Kowhaiwhai learnt the stories of Papatuanuku, Ranginui and their children. It's said that the forest god, Tanemahuta had laid on his back and used his feet to separate the two because majority of his siblings didn't want to be in the shadows of their parents.

The other pupils in the Kotuhituhi group had learnt about many Maori patterns such as the Koru, Pikopiko, Mangapare and Hiho.

The rest of the students in the weaving group learnt about when to cut the flax, where to cut it, what their names are and why you can't cut the baby or the parents but you can cut the grandparents. The whole group made a Matariki star and they told us that the first one you make you can't have you have to give it away, but the others you make you get to keep for yourself.

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